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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a screening appointment? It’s reassuring to know what you can expect from your visit. During your time with us you’ll meet our reception staff and doctors and nurses who will take you through the following screening process:

  • we’ll take a copy of your photo ID and a picture for our database when you arrive at reception
  • our medical team will explain the study and answer any questions you may have
  • if you still want to take part, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form before any tests are done
  • we’ll take a detailed medical and social history
  • we’ll take blood and urine samples
  • we’ll carry out a drug screen
  • we’ll measure your blood pressure and pulse and record a heart trace
  • we'll test your alcohol breath levels
  • once we have your results, we'll be in touch and inform you of the next steps

Find out more about what you will need to do prior to your screening appointment with our visit checklist.

How long will my screening last? On average 2-3 hours. You'll be offered an appointment time that fits in with your other commitments.

Why am I screened for each clinical study? Screening is the process we use on clinical trials to see who can take part.

Clinical trials at this stage use relatively small numbers of people and therefore we need to make sure the people involved in the trial are eligible as they will provide data that can be compared and studied.

The screening tests provide results that the Covance Doctors use to select who can take part in each study. For example, a study may need volunteers who are a healthy BMI so if your BMI is 30 and the study requires a BMI of 19-28, you would not be eligible to take part as you would not be the same as the other volunteers on the study.

What if I fail at the screening stage? There are all sorts of reasons why applicants don’t make it past the screening stage. It could be something like recurring eczema or one of the measurements we perform is slightly outside the values needed for the study. Whatever the reason there’s no need to worry as we’re here to offer support and answer any questions you may have. You can ask to see if it may be possible for you to reapply as a volunteer in the future or even on another study we are currently recruiting for.

Have more questions?

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