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As a thank you for volunteering your time, you will earn between £500 and £3,000 for every single medical trial you take part in. You’ll also receive £15 to £100 towards expenses when you come for your screening appointment, depending on where you live.

The payment you receive for helping us with our research varies from study to study depending on its length.  It is not linked in any way to a potential risk. Payments are based on the number of times you might have to stay overnight in the clinic, how many outpatient visits you need to attend, and even the total duration of your commitment.  For example if the study runs for a long time, e.g. over two months, that might also increase your pay to reflect the time commitment you have made as you will need to attend visits and stick to restrictions during that time.

A list of our current studies, and the payments they entail can be found on our study list.
If you’d like to take part, just click here or call 0800 591 570 or 0113 394 5200 today.

How will I receive my payment?

We'll send you a cheque within 7-10 working days of your last study visit.

Do I receive any expenses?

To help cover the costs of travelling to our clinic for your screening visit, you'll receive between £15 and £100 depending on where you live.

How many paid medical trials can I do?

You can participate in a maximum of three paid clinical trials per twelve month period. This means that you can potentially supplement your annual income by £1500 to £9,000. Over 60% of our UK clinical research volunteers go on to take part in additional trials.

How long does it take?

The length of our paid medical trials varies from study to study, some trials require only an overnight stay with a series of follow up visits, other trials require you to stay for a longer period. The average length of time for volunteers between submitting an application, and beginning a trial is just 3-4 weeks.

Our First Class Facilities

Our clinic in leeds is equipped with wifi, a pool table, games consoles, and much more. For full details of the facilities on offer see our Leeds clinic page.

Declaring payments to HM Revenue & Customs

As a UK resident, it is your responsibility to declare any payments you receive for taking part in a clinical research study to HMRC. If requested by HMRC, Covance is legally obliged to provide a list of participants and the corresponding payments made for all paid clinical trials.